Premium gas grills and wood-fired pellet grills. Grilling performance. Culinary perfection.

Twin Eagles outdoor gas grills


Twin Eagles gas grills embody durability and culinary precision, crafted from premium-grade 300 series stainless steel and assembled using advanced laser cutting and heli-arc welding for superior strength.

These grills merge aesthetics with functionality, offering intuitive controls and even heat distribution for flawless grilling results. Designed for both novices and seasoned chefs, Twin Eagles gas grills set the benchmark for premium outdoor cooking, ensuring every meal is a masterpiece of flavor and texture.

Delta Heat

Delta Heat built-in gas grill

Dometic Twin Eagles C Series 54
A 54-inch outdoor gas grill. Also available in 42-inch model, rotisserie, and sear zone models.


Twin Eagles designed and engineered a unique grilling system. It integrates direct and radiant heat to ensure your grill:

  • Faster preheating
  • Higher temperatures
  • Even heat distribution
  • Complete control for each grilling zone
  • Uses less gas

man grilling steak on grill


man grilling steak on grill

Enhanced Grate Design

Hexagonal grates made from ⅜ inch stainless steel rods promote even cooking and create deep, dark, restaurant-quality sear marks.

Versatile Cooking Zones

Easily cook various foods at different temperatures with grilling zones, or use a single burner for efficient, focused cooking.

night grilling

Night Grilling

Grill effortlessly at night with interior lights that turn on automatically with the hood-activated light switch.

Even Heat Distribution

High-quality ceramic briquettes ensure quick and even heat distribution across the cooking surface for uniform grilling results.

man grilling steak on grill

Rotisserie Excellence

Enjoy perfectly rotated meats thanks to the built-in rotisserie system, achieving exceptionally savory flavors.

Hood Assist System

With the easy-to-open hood assist system, lifting the grill lid is effortless, even when your hands are full.

4 people in an outdoor courtyard around pellet grill


The Twin Eagles pellet grills set new standards in outdoor cooking with its exceptional control and convenience. It offers precise temperature management from 140º to 725º, accommodating baking, grilling, searing, and rotisserie.

The weatherproof touchscreen simplifies operation, allowing for direct temperature selection or preset options. Enhanced with onboard temperature probes and a WiFi-enabled app, the grill ensures easy monitoring and adjustments. Added features like a vaporizer plate and the option for a rotisserie broaden its culinary versatility.

Suitable for grill enthusiasts and beginners alike, the Twin Eagles grill promises effortless smoky flavors and superior cooking results with every use.

Delta Heat

Twin Eagles pellet grill

Dometic Twin Eagles Pellet Grill 36G
36 inch wood-fired grill. Also available with a hidden rotisserie.


mobile device

Wi-Fi Enabled

Stay connected, even from a distance: Adjust temperatures and modify settings directly from your mobile device.

thick metal plates

Vaporizer Plates

Effortlessly transform drippings into delicious, smoky flavors while avoiding flare-ups.

touchscreen on grill

Touchscreen Control

Easily adjust temperatures or select from preset food options. Simply choose and start cooking.

hopper for pellets

Front Loading

Easy access to hopper. Front load pellets, monitor, and refill.

temperature probes

Temperature Probes

Track the temperatures of various dishes at once, either through your device or directly on the built-in touchscreen.

Family prepareing dinner on their backyard deck with outdoor grill


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