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Kalamazoo Gourmet outdoor grills


Cook with any combination of gas, wood, and charcoal. The Hybrid Fire Grill is incredibly versatile. Sear quickly or cook low and slow.

Kalamazoo Gourmet built-in grills are made in the USA from superior-grade stainless steel to provide heavy-duty performance. With heavy, cast bronze burners and unmatched heat circulation, this is the highest-performance gas grill available.

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K1000HB Built-in Hybrid Fire Grill
K1000HB Built-in Hybrid Fire Grill

K750 Built-in Hybrid Fire Grill
K750HB Built-in Hybrid Fire Grill

K500 Built-in Hybrid Fire Grill
K500HB Built-in Hybrid Fire Grill


  • Available in marine-grade stainless steel
  • cast stainless steel Dragon Burners™, 26,500 BTUs each (LP)
  • Rotisserie system with one infrared burner; motor mounted in cabinet
  • Barbecue burner for indirect, low-temperature cooking
  • Electronic control bezels with flame sensor LED indicators
  • Advanced deep hopper clean-out system
  • Single Hybrid Fire Grilling drawer for wood and charcoal
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel rod grill grates
  • Optional laser-cut grilling surfaces available with your choice of patterns optimized for cooking meat, fish, and vegetables
  • Built from heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel

custom gas dragon burners Custom Gas Dragon Burners™

Exclusive fire grilling drawer.

Available in marine grade stainless steel.

Laser cut grates that hold more heat.


Built like a tank with more than three hundred pounds of handcrafted stainless steel, the Gas Grill Head delivers a superior cooking experience.

Both models can deliver over 750°F (315°C) of intense searing heat across laser-cut grill grates. They also feature an industry first – safety gas control valves. Gas won’t flow if the burners aren’t lit.

K54DB Built-in Gas Grill
K54DB Built-in Gas Grill

K42DB Built-in Gas Grill
K42DB Built-in Gas Grill

Three-tray clean out system
Three-tray clean out system


The Argentinian style Gaucho Grill is a wood-fired grill with motorized rotisserie and stainless steel heavy duty rod grill grates.

Two high-powered gas burners (24,000 BTUs each) quickly light a wood or charcoal fire. A large control wheel allows food to be raised and lowered above the heat using the 30-inch spoked wheel for the ultimate in wood flavor fire grilling.

K750GB Built-in Gaucho Grill

large spoke wheel
Rachetless spoke wheel

Wood fire rotisserie

custom grates
Custom grates for better char


The Shokunin is a beautifully designed Kamado style smoker grill. The innovative design is more efficient than a traditional ceramic kamado by adding two inches of insulation beneath its stainless steel exterior.

By expanding the cooking chamber depth, the fire can burn further from the food for a gentler heat which is advantageous when smoking. The adjustable grate system allows you to build your fires at multiple levels.

The durable ipe wood frame and hood handle come in an oiled or natural wood finish makes this grill a showpiece.

KSHOK430 Shokunin Kamado Grill

large spoke wheel
Precise temperature control

quality build
Built to last

heat retention
Insulated for heat retention


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