Why Outdoor Griddle Cooking Is Changing the Game for Foodies

outdoor griddle (L30AG) made by Lynx

When it comes to outdoor cooking, grilling has long been the reigning champion. However, a culinary revolution is on the horizon, and it’s outdoor griddle cooking.

In this article, we’re going to explore what a griddle is and why outdoor griddle cooking might just be better than grilling, offering versatility and mouth-watering results that are sure to change the way you approach outdoor cuisine.

The rise of outdoor griddle cuisine

An outdoor griddle is often referred to as a flat-top grill. It is a flat, wide cooking surface, usually made of flat, cold-rolled carbon steel. It’s heated from underneath for even cooking. Usually seen in diners and restaurant kitchens, the griddle is now manufactured for home cooks who want to expand their outdoor cooking options.

Outdoor griddle cooking is more than just a culinary trend. It’s a movement gaining momentum across the globe.

Fueled by the growing influence of social media platforms, home cooks and chefs alike are showcasing their griddling skills and sharing mouth-watering recipes. Cooking enthusiasts and food influencers also offer tips and tricks to help you season, clean, and accessorize your griddle.

As people seek unique outdoor dining experiences and healthier cooking options, the surge in outdoor griddle popularity reflects a broader shift towards more flavorful and creative culinary experiences.

Outdoor griddle vs. grill cooking

Regular backyard barbeque grills feature a cooking surface made from a series of slatted cooking grates, usually made from wire, chromed steel, or cast iron. Benefits of grilling include accommodating large cuts of meat and letting excess fat and moisture fall through the grates.

With outdoor griddles, metal spatulas move the excess fats, off the surface to the grease trays, where the collected excess can be easily removed after cooking.

Charcoal and wood-fired barbeque grills take time to set up—as opposed to natural gas or propane grills but develop that distinct smoky flavour.

teppanyaki on griddle

Teppanyaki cooking on a 30-inch gas griddle by Blaze.

With griddles, you can add any number of sauces and flavours to your food during cooking. They are perfect for cooking small vegetables, seafood, delicate fish, fried rice, and noodles.

Grilling often involves guesswork when it comes to temperature control, which can result in unevenly cooked food. There are also flare-ups to contend with.

built-in outdoor griddle with orange accent color

The Alfresco 30″ professional griddle has a dual-zone solid steel surface that is designed to create precise even heating over the entire cooking area.

Griddles offer precise, even temperatures across the entire surface without the threat of flare-ups. Whether you’re using natural gas, propane, or electricity, the outdoor griddle’s flat-top stainless steel construction and under-the-hood BTU distribution ensure even heat.

The versatile world of outdoor griddle cooking

Grilling may be the go-to method for cooking outdoors now, but outdoor griddles are here to shake things up.

With a griddle, you’re not limited to flipping burgers. You can prepare an entire breakfast spread, stir fry veggies, or go full gourmet with seared foie gras and perfectly cooked Wagyu steak. The perfect sear and caramelization are only a sizzle away.

Aside Cooktop griddle by Lynx

The 30″ Asado Cooktop by Lynx is a flat-top grill that makes it easy to cook large batches of food.

Preparing meals outdoors on a griddle is convenient. You can cook large batches of food at the same time. Imagine bacon sizzling beside perfectly fried eggs, savoury sausages, and fluffy pancakes—the whole enchilada, simultaneously.

While your protein is cooking, you can sauté vegetables or other sides on the griddle surface to accommodate the specific dietary needs and preferences of your guests.

Elevating culinary experiences

Whether it’s a weekend brunch, a family barbeque, or a casual gathering with friends, the versatility of an outdoor griddle adds a delightful element to your hosting capabilities.

From stir-frying a medley of Asian-inspired dishes to smash burgers the interactive nature of griddle cooking fosters an entertaining, social atmosphere.

Mussels on Asado Cooktop

Mussels cooking on the Asado Cooktop by Lynx.

Guests can gather, chat, and watch their favourite dishes come to life, transforming your gathering into a memorable culinary experience.

Integrating a griddle into your existing outdoor kitchen

Any outdoor kitchen will be instantly elevated with a built-in griddle. Some manufacturers, like Blaze, include features like a stainless steel lid and a full-width pull-out grease tray for easy maintenance.

Built-in griddles tend to have a larger cooking surface and be more powerful than free-standing models. This is handy if you’re cooking for a large group at once.

They’re built to be strong, long-lasting, and durable. The upfront cost may be greater but their low maintenance and durability will save you in the long run. Also, a great outdoor kitchen appeals to homebuyers and can increase the value of your property.

Pairing a griddle with your built-in grill allows you the flexibility to cook and prepare entire meals on different surfaces all at once—a true outdoor chef’s kitchen.

stainless steel griddle plate

This stainless steel griddle plate nests onto an Artisan grill grate. It can be removed when not in use.

If you already have an outdoor kitchen you may be able to insert a griddle plate onto your existing grill. Alfresco has various drop-in grill accessories such as the griddle plate (shown above) and a larger Teppanyaki griddle plate.

Unlock the full potential of your outdoor space

Transform your backyard into a culinary paradise that’s ready for action in any season! With a custom-built outdoor kitchen, including a versatile griddle and other premium outdoor appliances, you can enjoy the pleasures of outdoor cooking all year round. The perfect time to bring your dream outdoor kitchen to life is now.

Don’t let the process overwhelm you. At Outeriors, we offer a free consultation with our expert outdoor kitchen design consultants. They’re ready to guide you through every step of the design process. Request a free consultation today and take the first step towards creating an outdoor kitchen that’s tailored just for you.

9 Reasons an Outdoor Pizza Oven Is Worth Every Penny

red Alfa pizza oven cooking pizzaHomeowners and homebuyers increasingly want their backyards to be multi-functional extensions of their interior living spaces.

The modern backyard cooking experience has evolved well beyond using a basic grill to cook a few different types of food.

One of the best reasons to get an outdoor kitchen is the freedom it gives you to expand your home cooking options.

A popular design trend is having outdoor kitchens with lots of convenient amenities (like appliances) to replicate the functionality of our indoor kitchens.

Some homeowners are taking their outdoor living upgrades a step further to include a unique feature that can’t be used indoors.

Enter the outdoor pizza oven.

Why is the outdoor pizza oven so popular?

It’s no wonder outdoor pizza ovens can be found in an ever-increasing number of Ontario backyards. Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world and can accommodate the diets of everyone from meat lovers to pescatarians to vegans.

A recent consumer trend report by food service research and consulting firm Technomic found that 81% of Canadians eat pizza at least once a month. Pizza’s popularity can be attributed primarily to the fact that anything going in our mouths that mixes gooey cheese, a crispy golden crust, tangy sauce, and an array of savoury toppings is (literally) going to go down well, naturally.

Another big reason we love pizza so much is the variety of ways available to get it. We can make it ourselves, have it delivered, pick up a slice or whole pie at the local pizzeria, or enjoy it at a restaurant.

Most store-bought fresh and frozen pizzas are mediocre at best. The quality of pizzeria and restaurant pizza varies and none of these options are the healthiest for you, even by pizza health standards.

red Alfa pizza oven

Making pizza at home is a relatively quick and easy experience and, as is the case with most foods, there’s something more satisfying when you prepare it yourself. You also have more control over the healthiness of the ingredients.

Using an outdoor pizza oven is the best way to make homemade pizza that tastes even better than delivery, restaurant, and store-bought pizza.

Find out why you need an outdoor pizza oven

A recent Forbes article on outdoor kitchen trends includes insight from one home designer who says, “These spaces are about creating memories using elements you can’t easily add indoors, like pizza ovens and smokers, but with the same level of finishes, materials, style, entertainment options and the all-important comforts.”

Find out why an outdoor kitchen design isn’t complete unless it includes an outdoor pizza oven.

1. Choose your outdoor pizza oven style

Home pizza ovens come in many different styles and sizes. They typically generate heat using flames and are powered or fueled by one of the following methods:

  • natural gas
  • propane
  • electricity
  • wood
  • charcoal
  • dual-fuels (hybrid fuel ovens typically use gas and wood)

Gas-fired outdoor ovens (fueled by natural gas or propane) like the Alfresco Pizza Oven Plus are typically made with stainless steel. This material is ideal for grills and outdoor kitchen appliances because of its ability to conduct and retain heat and its durability in outdoor environments.

Outdoor pizza ovens that run on natural gas or propane provide a more controlled burn than wood-fired ovens. They light instantly and also heat up and cool down much faster compared to wood-fired outdoor pizza ovens.

To see how a gas-fired outdoor pizza oven works, view this demonstration video for the Kalamazoo Artisan Fire Pizza Oven.

Wood-fired outdoor pizza ovens take an old-school approach with their design and how they cook pizza and other foods. They use wood logs or wood pellets to fuel their flames and are typically made with stones or refractory bricks (a ceramic material that can withstand high temperatures). Wood-fired ovens range in size from large standalone structures to smaller-sized ovens that are mounted on a stand.

This type of oven can be more challenging to use than gas-fired outdoor ovens and you do need to clean out the soot and ash after every use. However, some cooking enthusiasts prefer wood-fired ovens because of the smoky wood flavour you get from them.

2. Enjoy better-tasting homemade pizza

One of the keys to making great homemade pizza is getting the crust right. In that Technomic survey, 57% of Canadians said the crust is the most important part of a pizza.

Pizzeria and restaurant pizzas usually taste better than pizzas cooked in a regular home kitchen oven because they use very hot ovens. Commercial pizza ovens can reach up to 950°F, although pizzas are typically cooked at between 700-800°F. Traditional indoor ovens max out at around 550°F.

An outdoor pizza oven’s most unique feature is its ability to replicate the cooking functionality of commercial pizza ovens. Gas-fired ovens like the Kalamazoo Artisan Fire Pizza Oven and the Alfresco Pizza Oven Plus are capable of reaching temperatures above 1,000°F. Most wood-fired outdoor ovens produce temperatures in the 700-850°F range.

Baking pizza quickly at very high temperatures produces a tastier crust that’s simultaneously chewy and crisp. The quality of the dough being used and how it’s prepared are also big factors in how a pizza crust comes out, of course.

A quick cook at high heat also causes the caramelization process to occur. This subtle charring brings out the flavours of a pizza’s ingredients.

One selling point wood-fired outdoor oven manufacturers like to highlight is the appliance’s ability to produce pizza with a smoky flavour. This claim is fairly overstated because pizza gets cooked so quickly in a wood-fired outdoor pizza oven, so there’s no time for any smoky flavour to transfer to the pizza.

Foods cooked for longer periods (at least 30 minutes) at lower temperatures will develop the delicious smoky flavour that is unique to wood-fired cooking.

3. An outdoor pizza oven cooks food fast

We’ve talked about how quickly pizzas cook in an outdoor oven. Exactly how fast, you ask?

Most gas-fired outdoor pizza ovens can cook perfect Neapolitan pizzas in as little as two to three minutes. That’s why pizzerias make those “delivery in 30 minutes or less” promises.

A big reason many people don’t enjoy cooking is that it can take up so much time. With the right setup, making pizza at home is extremely time-efficient.

If you use pre-made dough, it only takes a few minutes to prepare a pizza with sauce, cheese, and toppings. Add in a few more minutes to cook it in an outdoor pizza oven and you’re looking at a mere 15 minutes or so from start to finish to serve up delicious, freshly-cooked pizza. Even if you want to make your pizza dough from scratch, the overall time required is still quite reasonable for a family meal.

Outdoor pizza ovens are also known for the even heat they produce, which results in better cooking results. Indoor ovens can distribute heat unevenly, resulting in food that comes out undercooked.

Take a look at how quickly chef Jamie Oliver can cook a pizza using a wood-fired outdoor pizza oven.

4. You can make a lot more than pizza

From thin-crust Neapolitan to Chicago-style deep dish, any type of pizza can be made with an outdoor oven. Although pizza may be the main attraction, an outdoor oven can be used to make much more than just the classic pie, however.

This versatile appliance opens up a world of culinary possibilities, some of which you can’t experience using a regular kitchen oven.

An outdoor pizza oven does everything an indoor kitchen oven can do. And in most cases, it’ll do it a lot faster because of the higher temperatures the appliance can reach. Some outdoor ovens can cook at lower temperatures for foods that need to be slow-cooked.

Here are just a few examples of the many types of food you can make with an outdoor pizza oven:

  • roasted chicken and turkey
  • casseroles
  • lasagna
  • soup
  • roasted vegetables
  • pies
  • chili
  • bread
  • cookies

With an outdoor pizza oven in your cooking arsenal, you can try more new recipes and expand your culinary horizons. Check out these outdoor pizza oven recipes for everything from grilled shrimp to s’mores!

5. Pizza-making becomes a fun, social activity

One reason outdoor kitchens have become so popular is because they provide the ideal space to entertain at home. Why stay indoors when the weather is nice if you can take the party outside?

Being outdoors in the summer brings a different vibe you can’t get inside the house, especially when an outdoor kitchen’s grill and appliances get fired up.

A pizza party provides a great reason to congregate with family and friends. Add in a comfortable backyard setting, a pizza oven, and the fun, interactive experience of everyone preparing their customized pizzas and you have a get-together that is guaranteed to be a winner.

Not only can you feed your guests some incredible food, but you’re also giving them a shared, authentic pizza-making experience they’ll appreciate and remember.

6. Outdoor pizza ovens are easy to use

Operating an appliance that cooks at extremely high temperatures may feel daunting. Fear not, because when it comes to cooking with an outdoor oven, nothing beats the ease of use of electric and gas-fired outdoor pizza ovens.

The appliances are a breeze to use and light easily with a match or, on higher-end models, the push of a button or turn of a knob (just like a good gas grill). Wood-fired outdoor pizza ovens, on the other hand, require more effort to get a fire started and to reach the desired cooking temperature.

You’ll need to develop some new cooking habits when you use an outdoor pizza oven because they work a little differently than traditional ovens. For starters, you need to pay closer attention to food while it’s cooking because things can burn much faster at such high temperatures.

To cook a pizza, simply place it in the oven using a pizza peel or paddle (the large spatula-like tool pizza-making pros use). The peel allows you to safely insert and remove a pizza from a hot oven and turn it occasionally so it cooks evenly and doesn’t burn on the side closest to the flames. In just a couple of minutes, you’ll be dining on delicious home-cooked pizza!

7. Make healthier pizza

Pizza might not exactly be at the top of anyone’s list of the most healthy foods. If you do want to enjoy some pizza every once in a while, however, why not make it as healthy as possible for yourself and your family?

When you order pizza from a pizzeria or restaurant, you only have a certain amount of freedom to choose healthy toppings. And you can also never be sure whether their ingredients are genuinely fresh, or just fresh after they’ve been already frozen.

Making your own pizzas gives you complete control over the quality and freshness of the ingredients that are used, which makes for healthier meals.

The quick cooking times in outdoor pizza ovens isn’t just convenient, it also helps vegetables retain more of their nutrients.

8. Add backyard aesthetic appeal

A premium grill is normally the centrepiece of an outdoor kitchen, but certain types of outdoor ovens can give the appliance a run for its money when it comes to drawing the attention of guests.

In particular, a large standalone stone pizza oven will really stand out with the elegant touch of old-world charm it adds to an outdoor living space. If you have a generous outdoor kitchen design budget to work with, you could even incorporate a built-in oven into a custom-made stone wall.

Frankly, any type of outdoor pizza oven is a conversation starter because so few backyards have one. That gives them instant novelty appeal.

Gas-fired outdoor ovens can be placed on a countertop, stand, or sturdy table that’s safe to use around flames and high temperatures.

If pizza-making is something you plan to do often, you can get a little more serious with your outdoor setup. Some companies make outdoor pizza oven accessories that allow you to create a mini outdoor pizzeria. Kalamazoo’s Artisan Fire Pizza Oven Station features drawers, open shelving, rack storage, ice-chilled bins for toppings, a ventilated cabinet for a propane tank, and enough countertop space for one of their ovens and to use as a pizza-making station.

9. Cook outside 365 days a year

Most high-quality outdoor kitchen appliances can be permanently kept outside because they’re built to withstand prolonged exposure to the elements.

Outdoor ovens are no different, as long as they’re made with resilient materials like marine-grade stainless steel and 304-grade stainless steel. It helps to cover them and if the oven is light enough, it can be brought inside for the winter.

If you don’t want to go without eating homemade pizza for half the year, an outdoor pizza oven can be used all year round. You’ll appreciate those fast heat-up and cooking times even more when it’s frigid outside!

outdoor oven by Lynx

Fire pits are great for adding warmth and a cozy feel to an outdoor living space. Outdoor ovens even provide these benefits, too.

Create a “slice” of heaven in your backyard!

A fully outfitted outdoor kitchen with amazing amenities like an outdoor pizza oven will make your backyard a valued home space for your family and a popular destination for guests.

Outeriors carries a variety of high-quality outdoor pizza oven models from Alfa, Kalamazoo, Lynx, and Alfresco, which are four of the most trusted names in outdoor appliance manufacturing.

Schedule a free consultation with Outeriors to begin planning how your outdoor kitchen design featuring a pizza oven will look.

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11 Essential Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

outdoor kitchen appliances

An outdoor kitchen gives you a welcome break from cooking your meals indoors.

The only thing your backyard grilling space might be missing is enough outdoor kitchen appliances to match the cooking functionality of your indoor kitchen.

Imagine the convenience of having every possible cooking appliance at-the-ready for whichever al fresco menu favourites you wish to make!

There are a wide variety of outdoor kitchen appliances available to help save you valuable time and eat healthier. You can also use them to personalize your outdoor kitchen to better suit your culinary skills and open up a broad range of cooking possibilities.

What are the best outdoor kitchen appliances?

Everyone’s familiar with common outdoor kitchen appliances like grills, side burners, and smokers.

That’s only scratching the surface of the kind of appliances that can be used in a backyard kitchen. How about adding amenities such as an oven, fridge, beverage centre, and ice maker to your outdoor kitchen?

Modern outdoor kitchen designs can include convenient, luxurious extras like these to give you a fully-outfitted cooking space.

Let’s look at some of the best outdoor kitchen appliances you can get to create the ultimate artisan outdoor cooking space.

1. Grills

A grill is the one appliance you’re guaranteed to find in any outdoor kitchen. Don’t rely on using any ’ol cheap grill as your outdoor cooking space’s workhorse, however.

Buying a premium grill is a smart investment for many reasons. They last longer, look nicer, function more reliably, and offer extra luxury features beyond a basic rotisserie, side burners, and warming rack.

Some luxury grill models have smart technology that removes much of the guesswork and unpredictability that comes with grilling. Lynx’s Smart Series grills use their innovative MyChef app, which ensures temperatures stay at the proper level for the perfect duration. When your food is finished cooking or needs to be flipped, a notification is sent to your smartphone. How convenient is that?

A charcoal grill involves a little more work to use than a propane or gas grill. That unique smoky flavour that charcoal adds to grilled food is worth it for some outdoor chefs, however. For the best of both worlds, you could get a hybrid grill that can be used for both gas and charcoal cooking.

lynx grill

Premium grills make barbecuing easier and more enjoyable.

2. Outdoor kitchen fridge

One of your outdoor kitchen essentials should include another hardworking appliance – a fridge.

Outdoor kitchen refrigerators are specially designed with weatherproof exteriors and electronics, as well as thicker insulation. They’re smaller than indoor fridges and can be used as a standalone unit or space-saving built-in that can go underneath a grill or countertop.

With a fridge right in your outdoor cooking space, meats, veggies, condiments, cold beverages, and anything else on the menu is close at hand. There’s no need to travel back and forth inside to retrieve things you’re serving up.

Outdoor fridges are quite versatile and can include built-in freezers, ice makers, or even function as a kegerator that serves up chilled draft beer.

3. Side burners

Side burners are another essential outdoor kitchen appliance. With one or two extra outdoor cooking spaces you can multi-task and heat up savoury sauces, make side dishes, or boil water.

Many grills come with one or two built-in side burners. Separate gas side burners give you the freedom to place built-in appliances like this further away from your grilling area if desired. The beauty of a custom outdoor kitchen is it can be designed specifically for how you want to use it. 

High-quality side burners from manufacturers like Lynx, Alfresco, and Hestan deliver better cooking results. Features like high-performance burners and ceramic infrared searing systems cook your food faster.

Premium side burners are also made with superior materials and craftsmanship, which virtually eliminates the occurrence of dangerous flare-ups from dripping grease.

4. Warming drawers

When you’re preparing food for a lot of people or cooking numerous things, good time management is important.

It’s a shame when freshly made food gets neglected and goes cold and soggy because you had your hands full taking care of other cooking or hosting tasks. Outdoor kitchen and entertainment spaces usually have a more laid-back atmosphere, making it that much easier to get distracted chatting with your guests.

Pullout warming drawers are perfect for keeping food that’s been cooked at the right temperature until it’s ready to be served.

Warming drawers are also ideal for keeping food warm for friends or family arriving after your outdoor feast has started. You’ll leave a lasting impression with latecomers for being such a thoughtful host!

warming drawer in outdoor kitchen

Pullout warming drawers keep everything you’re serving up nice and warm.

5. Smoker

Cooking your food on a grill is great, but you might want to occasionally mix up your cooking routine.

Smokers are an excellent way to enhance the taste of meats with a delicious smoky flavour. They’re ideal for ribs, brisket, and pork.

Not unlike a slow cooker, smokers cook foods for longer times at a low temperature setting. This produces juicy, tender cooked meats and veggies that taste better than slow cooking with a traditional oven.

Wood chips with flavours such as maple, mesquite, and hickory help give foods cooked in smokers their distinct taste. Smokers can run on a variety of fuel/power sources including:

  • natural gas
  • propane
  • charcoal
  • wood
  • wood pellets
  • electricity

If a full-sized smoker is more than your cooking needs require, it’s possible to buy grills that have smaller smoker boxes that can produce that appealing smoky flavour.

6. Ice making machine

Outdoor kitchen and living spaces get used when the weather is warmest, so an ice making machine comes in quite handy.

Anyone who frequently entertains guests in their backyard will appreciate having fresh ice for drinks always available. There’s no need to make trips to the store for bags of ice that get stored in a portable cooler.

Ice makers can be purchased as separate appliance units or as an additional feature on an outdoor fridge.

7. Outdoor kitchen oven

One appliance that adds a deluxe touch to a backyard kitchen is an outdoor oven that has lots of uses. You can bake, broil, or roast:

  • pizza
  • breads
  • calzones
  • meat and seafood
  • vegetables
  • desserts

Anyone with an oven in their outdoor kitchen probably has a model that runs on propane, natural gas, or electricity. Wood-fired ovens are also available. They involve a little more work to use but give your food an authentic smoky flavour.

Outdoor ovens can cook at higher temperatures than indoor ovens. This is one of the factors that makes pizzas cooked outdoors taste nicer and more like what you’d get at a high-quality pizzeria or restaurant. Cooking at higher temperatures means your pizza can be ready just a few minutes after being put in the oven, too.

Ovens powered by natural gas, propane, and electricity are typically made with stainless steel. Some kitchen owners want their ovens to have a more natural, vintage look. That can be achieved by hiring someone to build the oven using stucco or natural materials like stone and brick.

outdoor oven appliance

Outdoor ovens let you cook fresh homemade pizza in just a few minutes.

8. Flat-top grill or griddle

A flat-top grill or griddle is useful for cooking food that is too difficult (or impossible) to cook on a standard grill rack. Both appliances have a solid cooking surface without any holes or gaps.

Eggs, pancakes, bacon, hash browns, grilled cheese sandwiches, and Asian and Mexican dishes are just a few examples of food that is suited for these appliances.

You might be wondering what the difference is between a flat-top grill and a griddle. Griddles have a heating element that produces heating zones of various temperatures, which lets you cook several different types of food on the same surface.

Most flat-top grills use a heating coil that provides even heat distribution, which is ideal for cooking many pieces of the same food. Some high-end flat-top grill models like the Lynx Asado Cooktop have heating systems that produce independent cooking zones with variable temperatures.

9. Cocktail station/beverage centre

Wherever there’s outdoor cooking, dining, and entertainment, some cold beverages are sure to be part of the fun.

Kick your hosting credibility up a notch with a cocktail station/beverage centre that caters to all your thirst-quenching needs. A beverage centre keeps all your drinks and drinking supplies organized and accessible.

It’s all built right into your countertops and outdoor kitchen cabinetry for a seamless, professional look.

The bar is now open!

10. Grill exhaust hood

What are the two things people like least about outdoor grilling? Aside from the frustration of getting the appliance lit because the ignition switch on their ancient grill died ages ago, it’s probably the grease and smoke.

That’s why your outdoor kitchen should have a grill exhaust hood, particularly if the grill is in an enclosed or semi-enclosed space.

The appliance works just like the range hood over your oven. It extracts smoke, odours, grease, and heat to keep your cooking space cleaner and more comfortable.

11. Dishwasher

woman using dishwasher

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

If an outdoor kitchen had every appliance listed above, you might be thinking your kitchen had all the amenities you could ever want.

Not so fast…we haven’t gotten to the outdoor dishwasher yet.

An outdoor dishwasher not only does most of the work with one of our least favourite household chores, it’s another great time-saver as well. Frequent treks inside with loads of dirty dishes, cookware, and kitchen tools will become a thing of the past.

Dirty pots, bowls, grilling tools, dining plates and utensils, and glasses can be washed right on the spot. That lets your outdoor kitchen countertops and dining surfaces stay clutter-free and available for cooking tasks or that next delicious course on the menu.

Like all of the outdoor kitchen appliances we’ve covered here, the dishwasher needs to be a model that is specifically built for outside use. Most outdoor appliances like a dishwasher can be left covered outside during the winter after completing a few easy maintenance tasks.

Don’t forget the sink and faucet!

An outdoor sink and faucet are better categorized as fixtures rather than appliances. We’re including them on our list of outdoor kitchen essentials, however. After all, cooking and cleaning do go hand in hand.

Having a faucet and sink in your outdoor kitchen allows you to keep up with the washing of dirty pots, pans, dishes, utensils, and glasses while waiting for things to finish cooking.

Even if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor kitchen dishwasher, an outdoor sink is still a must-have feature.

Adding an outdoor sink will involve an extra expense to hook up a water line, but consider that there are multiple uses you can get from the setup. In addition to having running water, the plumbing can also be hooked up to a fridge, beverage centre, dishwasher, and ice making machine.

Add the best outdoor kitchen appliances to your dream kitchen

Outdoor kitchen appliances maximize the functionality of an outdoor cooking space and save you time when meals are being prepared.

Outeriors carries many of the helpful appliances listed here. Our full-service approach to outdoor kitchen design involves taking care of everything needed to create an outdoor kitchen and living space your family will love.

Get started on putting together your customized outdoor kitchen design by scheduling a free design consultation with us.

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